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Photographic artist &

book designer


Sebastian Smith is a photographic artist and book designer based in Leeds, UK. He is a 2020 BA in Photography Graduate from Leeds Arts University. Smith’s practice is concerned with sculptural forms within the everyday, as well as traces of events and actions. Smith’s work has generally found the form of the photobook with his imagery merging with the  physical possibilities provided by the book to create a performative viewing experience for the reader. Smith’s imagery is sculptural in nature, this has led to exploration into sculptural forms of presentation for his work, mimicking the forms within his imagery itself. This has provided conceptual resolutions to Smith’s work which are gallery  orientated, working alongside his book forms. Smith has been making photographic works for around 8 years and making books for the last 3, he is currently in the process of launching a design and publishing company Studio Rouffet Smith, this will champion young artists through publishing small run, low cost publications.

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