As the Anvil Falls

“I want to tell the story again”


The Greek myths tell the oldest tales of humanity, explaining the world and its imperfections. Written interpretations of the myths set them in poetry, with wordsmiths honing them to fit their time and place as well as their vision, telling the story over and over again. The myths have been the basis of our culture, shaping art and informing religion, over and over we have been telling the story again. These are everyone’s stories and here Smith tells the story again. Using the Greek mythology as a lens to observe the world, Smith makes work which is not routed in time or place. His images retell numerous myths, through abstractions and metaphor, avoiding purely illustrating, instead embellishing and shaping the myths in the image of his own experiences, as has been done for millennia. As the Anvil Falls as a photographic project is presented through a mixture of sculpture and book form, investigating and commenting on the prevalence of Greek mythology within our society and the ways in which it manifests within our everyday surroundings.

The first image pictured is 'Atlas' one

of the sculptural works that

represent this project.


The book of the work is due to be published

by Tide Press later in 2020.